Yesterday the first cubic meters of earth were excavated. We are very happy about this, because it officially means the start of construction of the first two kindergarten buildings! The top fertile layer of soil has already been laid to one side to serve as the basis for planting later. Now it's time to continue excavating levels to bring them up to the height of the foundation slabs and to build stone walls in the supporting layers all around.


At the same time as the seven workers who are actively supporting us, we are still working on finalizing the plans, calculating the perfect dimensions, but also digging diligently.


In the meantime same time, we keep driving to the nearest villages or towns to check the availability of materials. We've been to various sawmills, scrap dealers and cheese dairies. We successfully asked the latter for whey, with some difficulties due to the language barrier, to make our insulation more resistant to fire later on. We are carrying out initial fire tests with the wood or chopping up whole tree trunks - perhaps you can already guess what the facades will look like ;).


All in all, we are very pleased with everything that is going on and have gained a little more motivation from the start of construction.


Best wishes from Dhoksan,


Your Team 11

Jakob, Matti, Nicola, Nils und Sophie



We can hardly believe it, but we've made it again. The target sum of 20,000 euros was reached again before the end of the campaign and topped up to a total of 22,413 euros - unbelievable! We are eternally grateful to you. Together with our first crowdfunding and other direct donations, we have now raised over 70,000 euros, which more than secures the financing of the first two kindergarten buildings! Now we'll leave you in peace with the financial side of things - we promise.


StartNext will check the project in the next few days before the donated money is debited from the accounts. And we will then send out all the donation receipts, cuddle the last goats and get the first tomato and mango tree seeds.


In the meantime, of course, we are already making some progress. Shortly before the end of the year, we finalised our first construction phase, the retaining wall, and celebrated with a momo party. At the end of January, we will continue with the foundations of the buildings. Until then, we will be working on the designs for the houses, deciding which timber construction method to use and considering how to deal best with the gradient of the slope. Although the schoolchildren are on winter holidays for a few weeks, they will of course still be considered in every decision. So, we are starting the new year with a lot of motivation!


All of this is only possible thanks to you, it is incredibly wonderful to receive such great support. Not only every donation, but also all the approval through your messages makes us happy every time. It's hard to put into words how grateful we are for your support. 


As always, we are happy to keep you informed via 

the updates here on the website,

Instagram www.instagram.com/supertecture, 

the newsletter www.supertecture.com/news/newsletter

or the StartNext blog www.startnext.com/kindergarten-nepal-2.


Best wishes from Nepal,


Your Team 11

Jakob, Matti, Nicola, Nils and Sophie



After a somewhat quieter Christmas period, we got back to work full of motivation.

A lot has happened since the last update 3 weeks ago. After the plot was prepared, we worked hard on the support wall that protects the slope where our site is located from slipping. Especially before the foundations for the first two buildings are poured. This additional weight must be supported.

With the great help of the Berlin-based civil engineering company PST Grundbau GmbH, we managed the calculations and dimensioning of the wall. 


Together with a total of six Dhoksanis, who all have experience in wall construction, we almost completed the wall within seven working days. We have left a section of the wall above ground in the middle so that large machines can still drive onto our site to dig pits or deliver materials. This means that the site is still secured underground in this area.


Of course, we haven't forgotten the school subject! The retaining wall forms the lower boundary of the kindergarten and is also the access wall for the entire property. As our focus is on the children, we have planned their own access for the little ones. In addition to the usual access via a staircase, the kindergarten can also be accessed via climbing stones, ropes or similar. The bricks protruding from the wall were painted by the kindergarten children in our "We Build Our House" class. We are delighted to be able to involve the little ones once again.


We wish everyone who is following our project a happy new year and look forward to updating you again next year with news from the building site.


Many greetings from wintry and sunny Dhoksan. 


Sophie, Jakob, Matthias, Nicola and Nils



Here are all the news, funny videos and milestones for everyone who missed our advent calendar. Just click on the picture to see all the doors (again). 


Greetings from Nepal,


Sophie, Jakob, Matti, Nicola, Nils



We are making progress! Now that the bushes have been removed by some helpers from Dhoksan, it is time for us to analyse which trees need to be felled. Some of the trees are no longer alive or are at risk of falling onto buildings in the future. Together with two Dhoksanis we went on the site with two axes and a pruning saw. The two-metre pieces are now ready to be used again later on the site as seating, steps or whatever else we can think of.


Then, after some organisational troubles, we were able to get an excavator after a four-day delay (we are learning from this), which has now prepared the site as a building plot. All the root stumps and the top layer of soil were removed and stored. Also, an edge was built to pave the way for the construction of the retaining wall. The work of the last few days has enabled us to mark out the buildings on the site in order to finalise our master plan so that we can start digging the foundations soon.


In the meantime, we have already held our sixth school lesson. The children and we are still having a lot of fun and we are also getting some exciting, constructive input. Small updates on our school lessons and everything else can also be found in the Advent calendar - so feel free to drop by!


We have also launched our second crowdfunding campaign to raise €60,000 in total. This will allow us to finalise the financing of the first two buildings that we will be constructing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donators once again. You really are amazing and make it possible to realise such cool projects.


Best regards from Dhoksan,


Sophie, Jakob, Matti, Nicola and Nils


we are speechless


Unbelievable, but true! We have actually made it! The new target amount of 27,000 euros was reached and we owe that ONLY to YOU!

Not only have we reached the first target amount of 22,000 euros, we have exceeded it by 25%. This is of course accompanied by the fact that our generous super donors, as described in the offer, fill it up to 30,000 euros.

So you have given us and especially of course the children of Dhoksan the basis to soon have new space to learn, play and grow up.


What's next? Planning for the earthworks, foundations and primary structure material can thus, thanks to you, soon become a reality. Of course, we are already busy refining the designs and translating the children's initial ideas from the school subject into ensemble and building designs. We are currently determining the exact building locations and dealing with the tree population. We are also already in contact with material suppliers and companies for earthworks. As you can see from the pictures, the school subject ,,We Build Our House" is also constantly evolving and enriching us with never-ending inspiration for the design of the kindergarten buildings.


And once again. We are infinitely grateful to you for the support you give us. Not only through the incredible amount of funding, but also the encouragement that reaches us. We read every message on Instagram, Startnext, every email and every YouTube comment. You give us constant support and for that we want to thank you especially on the occasion of this milestone!

We will keep you posted and provide you with regular updates, on our other channels as well.



Instagram     instagram.com/supertecture

Newsletter    supertecture.com/news

StartNext      startnext.com/kindergarten-nepal


Best, Team 11 from Nepal


we did it



We are infinitely grateful to you that we have reached this milestone together. As of this morning, the target sum of the Startnext campaign counts more than 22,000 euros in donations.  We would like to thank each and every donor and supporter for placing their trust in us. Now you are an integral part of the future Shree Shila Devi Kindergarten. This is the most successful crowdfunding in the history of Supertecture and we have only you to thank for that. We managed to raise the amount in 20 days, ensuring the project launch in two-thirds of the time. To underline how incredible this whole thing is, we've put together a few hard facts for you.


20/30 days until the minimum amount was reached

104     donors

122     donations


for this we have...

30 x     cuddled a goat

26 x     Ayrak Shots enjoyed

4 x       shoutouts

11 x     postcards printed

1 x       gave our editor behind the scenes material

1 x       drew a supercharicature

2 x       started project books


You are the crowd we could not have dreamed of.


Now the first hurdle has been overcome. The project can start and we are already working with hot fingers on the execution planning and are simultaneously busy with the preparation of the building site.


Best, Team 11 from Dhoksan

we teach



In the beginning, our time in Nepal was filled with a lot of planning, organization and concept considerations. We quickly agreed that we definitely want to include the actual users of the kindergarten in the design process. After spending a few weeks putting the finishing touches on our newly planned school subject, we had our first school sessions last Friday!


With a lot of attention to detail, we spent the week working hard until late at night preparing, printing, folding and organizing to make our debut as teachers in the best possible way - and it was absolutely worth it. After a small introduction with the whole school, we had four lessons to include as many age groups as possible. We made sure to adapt to the children´s abilities. There was cutting, painting, crafting and thinking. Our goal in each lesson is to get as many results as possible for our building project, but also to have learning objectives for the children. At the end of the day we were overwhelmed by all the creative, interesting and motivating moments and results. Now we are busy preparing the new lessons and revising the old ones.


Moreover, we are of course very happy about the progress of the crowdfunding - you are simply the best! If you tell all your friends and everyone else you meet about it, we will manage to raise the missing percentages by leaps and bounds!


We are looking forward to many more new things the children and we are about to learn and are happy if you accompany us on that journey. 


Best regards from Dhoksan,

Jakob, Nils, Matti and Sophie

we get to know each other



Team 11 has arrived in Dhoksan! Since August we - Matti and Nils, two architecture students from Berlin and Jakob and Sophie, two civil engineering students from Innsbruck - are here to plan and realize a kindergarten. Next to the existing Shree Shila Devi Primary School, four classrooms and a sanitary room with kitchen and toilet are planned. Currently the kindergarten children use several rooms of the elementary school.


Already in the first weeks we were warmly welcomed by the school management and were able to get to know the entire elementary school directly at an internal school event.


Now we are motivated to the fingertips to start with the project and are of course very happy if you accompany us on the way to the finished building. We also want to give smaller and bigger updates about our progress here from time to time.


Best regards from Nepal and see you soon,


Jakob, Matti, Nils and Sophie