brick synthesis

Community Lodge Dhoksan

function kitchen


material Telling a story of another brick life. Brick is a common and traditional construction material in Nepal. But there are still many damaged buildings, some even falling apart. We want to collect these broken bricks, because we think they have a story to tell. From floor to ceiling, different stages and reclaims of brick are shown, while at the same time forming an archive of the places where the brick was collected. The ceiling will be a vaulted beam ceiling, floor terrazzo.


location Dhoksan, Nepal


status under construction


architect Daniela Lukas, Lena Michalik, Senta Hoppe, Raphael Mair, Annika Arndt, Nisaz


supertecture gUG  ·  Kaisergäßchen 5  ·  87600 Kaufbeuren  ·  IBAN: DE02 4306 0967 8239 8592 00  ·  BIC: GENODEM1GLS  ·  GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG