May 2nd, 2021 - thank you, super-crowd!

Thank you from our team in Dhoksan for your amazing support of our crowdfunding with more than 10,000€!

march 25th, 2021 - Nepal community lodge vol.4

You are looking for a promising crowdfunding campaign? Check this out and help starting up Nepals first 100% charity hotel:
Nepal Community Lodge vol.4 -

March 5th, 2021 - thank you Tom

Our friend Tom has produced another marvelous drawing for supertecture. This time: the Shree Shila Devi school extension in Dokhsan/Nepal. We love it!

february 25th, 2021 - Corona Design Atlas on TV

Thank you "Bayerischer Rundfunk" and Rupert Waldmüller for this superfreezy (-15 degrees) Corona Design TV clip.

february 23rd, 2021 - gabion house

See some research results from our architects Steffi, Hannah, Verena and Nils. At lake Tanganyika they are testing possibilities to build a kindergarden rock-room without mortar and cement...

february 19th, 2021 - "school building = building school"

Thank you for the beautiful laudatio from Antje Voigt and the association of german architects "BDA":
"Vier neue Räume für eine Grundschule in Nepal, in Form und Reihung bewusst reduziert auf den Archetypus Haus, in der Materialisierung geprägt vom Experimentieren mit vier grundverschiedenen rezyklierten Materialien: Ist das gute Architektur oder ästhetischer Eklektizismus?, fragte sich die Jury. Der Verfassertext und die Projektfotos antworten selbstbewusst (und in bester Tradition von Alison und Peter Smithson): Das - offenbar lustvolle - Ausloten der Möglichkeiten lokal verfügbarer Baustoffe entspringt nicht geszalterischem Selbstzweck, es dient als Vehikel zur Aneignung der Aufgabe, des Ortes und seiner Mittel. Es (re-)aktiviert die Bautradition und die Bereitschaft der Anwohner, am Bau mitzuwirken. Der Schulbau wird zur Bauschule. Er schafft aus Vergangenem neue Lebensräume, die ihrerseits im Ergebnis eine Vielzahl von "Anhaltspunkten" zur weiteren aktiven Aneignung (etwa durch Beklettern, Besitzen, Beschaukeln, Befüllen, und Befühlen) für die jungen Nutzer bieten.
Das Projekt verbindet klare gestalterische Entscheidungen in allen Maßstäben, gute Räume, materialspezifische Konstruktionen, sozial-ökonomisch-ökologische Nachhaltigkeit, Nutzer-Ermächtigung und sinnliches Begreifen. Ist das gute Architektur? Ja, und zwar mit Anerkennung!
Für die Jury
Antje Voigt

february 7th, 2021 - max40

Woohoo! The Association of German Architects "BDA" has awarded supertecture's school extension in Dokhsan as outstanding young German architecture. Check it out:

january 10th, 2021 - Corona Design Atlas

100% system-relevant architecture: Doesn't matter how many friends you need to see in times of social distancing - there is always an architectural solution. Many of these solutions have been presented by the Corona Design Lab - a research laboratory founded by future architects from supertecture and "Rainsburg's" famous school of architecture: "the OTH".
Supported from the bavarian chamber of architects and OTH's friends association we have now collected all the creative Corona Design Lab ideas in a single book:
Get your copy of our brand new Corona Design Atlas here and enjoy many manuals for coronafree low budget rooms.

december 27th, 2020 - mission accomplished

Thank you to all 339 supporters of our crowdfunding campaign...

DECEMBER 05TH, 2020 - Kipili partners

Before starting our construction works for Kipili's first kindergarden, we want to celebrate and appreciate our final agreement with all partners in this exceptional upcoming project.
Thank you Dear people of Kipili, Dear Mvimwa brothers and Dear Patrizia Foundation for your powerful commitment in our team.
Let's get it on...

december 03rd, 2020 - studio ahead

Team Tanzania is working intensively on our international research headquarter in Kipili.
No plans for next year yet? Come and join us working, living and researching at lake Tanganjika.

november 25th, 2020 - kipili kindergarden

Our Kindergarden that we are going to build with they Abbey of Mvimwa and Patrizia foundation at lake Tanganyika in Kipili is finally fully conceptualized.
Ten rooms are going to be designed by kids in Kipili and build by supertecture's young architects and engineers.
Last week we celebrated a large drawing event with more than 400 children, 800 paintings, an art gallery and a jury with represantatives of all partners.

october 14th, 2020 - thank you Tom

Tom Meiser has dedicated his fantastic sketching abilities to the ongoing construction works of our community lodge in Nepal. Great job Tom!

october 2th, 2020 - fresh air

september 9th, 2020 - to be continued...

"A small slide for supertecture but a giant leap for mankind."
Come and admire with us the short beginning of Nepal's longest ever built mountain-slide.
Thanks to our brave slide specialists Karo and Matthew we have designed and constructed the very first 2 meter prototyp of our 200 meter Himalaya panoramic slide from stainless steel in Dhoksan. With our friends from Anna Ruths-Foundation we will be able to build about 48 more slide-meters as soon as Corona has been dismissed from Nepal...

august 27th, 2020 - supertecture friends

Thank you for the first general meeting of our "supertecture-friends" society. We are happy to welcome 55 members in only six months after founding the association. Become a member and supporter yourself: supertecturefriends e.V.

august 4th, 2020 - mission accomplished

Dear crowd, many thanks for supporting our latest funding campaign. Together with you we have succesfully collected another 8249,-€ for the construction of our community lodge in Nepal.

july 29th, 2020 - roof renovation

Our rice straw research roof at Dhoksan's primary school in Nepal has been renovated with local bamboo and some of the village's latest wheat. Thank you Karo and Matthew and all you brave comrades for this hard piece of work under absolutely perfect monsoonish roofing conditions.

july 25th, 2020 - the making of a soil roof

Thanks Karo and Matthew for sharing these lovely behind-the-scenes pictures with us.


The "Bauhaus" university of Weimar, professor Hagen Höllering and 7 aspiring young architects have kindly dedicated one of their "quick and dirty" designs to the beautification of an upcoming governmental view tower in the neighborhood of supertecture's social Himalaya Lodge in Nepal. Thank you for your great proposals. Team supertecture can't wait to present your ideas in the villages of Kattike and Dhoksan.

Thanks goes to: Ben, Dirk, Egor, Johannes, Karlotta, Paul und Vroni


Nepal's one and only architectural journal "Spaces Magazine" has invited us to their informal and virtual session "chit chat".

july 11th, 2020 - coronia children theatre


Dear super-crowd, herewith we are sincerely inviting you for another chance to support the realization of the world's one and only 100% community owned social lodge in Nepal:

Monsoon is comming and we are working hard to finish some roofs before everything is getting extremely wet.

Kindly ask your rich grandmas if they are willing to help our project with some dollars, euros or homemade chocolate cakes that we might sell for the good cause in our supertecture headquarter. Please check out our fresh crowdfunding goodies like homegrown super-chai and a priceless "dengo-dengo-meditation-sessions" with our spiritual idol "Sukuman the great".


Last weekend we invited 13 new trainees from Hamburg to Nizza (Nice) to the first ever super survival camp in our upcoming headquarter.
Thank you for your visit. We are looking forward to welcome you as new members of the supertecture family and to work with you in Nepal and Tanzania next winter...

Karo and Matthew are working on our soil house roof to protect them from the approaching monsoon rainfalls...


Supertecture's Corona Design Lab has launched it's second public Corona installation that brings together people in times of social distancing.
Our Coronoskope welcomes four differents individuals or pairs that may communicate from isolated corners via mirrors in the ceiling.

Our dear friends: Thanks for all the mirrors! Our dear catholic Cristcenia sisters: Thanks for the photo from your window!

MAY 1ST, 2020 - 110 PERCENT

Thank you dear friends for once again supporting our crowdfunding.
You have not only saved supertecture in these difficult times of Corona but you donated even more than we were asking for (110%).
Thanks for every single cent and to each and everybody who helped spreading our campaign!

Let's celebrate the rescue of supertecture with this short clip - a tribute to the work of our first ever supertecture team in Kipili. Together with some local workers 5 young and dedicated ladies have spend all their energy and passion to design and realize this beautiful container home for future supertecture generations. Thank you Luisa, Lavinia, Tatti, Josi and Annabella.
We love our generous crowd for supporting our work and our super urgent return to Germany after the worldwide outbreak of Corona.


Supertecture and 16 aspiring young architects at the school of architecture in Regensburg have founded the "Corona Design Lab".
Here is our Guerilla-Group's first public urban furniture for more safe interaction in times of Corona: the Corona Salon

FEBRURARY 25TH, 2020 - KIPILI 2050

Deep down in the heart of Africa where lake Tanganyika is deviding Congo's green joungle mountains from Tanzania's most westerly expansion of the country's endless savanna we are planing a community owned lodge in the fairytale bluish sweetwater bay of Kipili.

Together with young architects from Tanzania, Germany and all over the world we are looking forward to soon move into our international student studio from where we will research, plan and realize highly environmental friendly architecture with and for the local Kipilian residents.

Today we reveal to you this beautiful bird's-eye view of our coastal long term vision: Kipili 2050

Welcome to Tansania.
Our famous "all bavarian young architects" have finally arrived at lake Tanganjika.
Representing all 9 bavarian schools of architecture they are preparing the design for Kipili's first kindergarden. After a fruitful presentation in the school of architecture at Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam we are particularly looking forward to welcome a group of young tanzanian architects and engineers to join our team in summer. Thats one small step for us but a super-giant leap for the architectural friendship of Tanzania and Germany...


The progress of our Nepal Community Lodge from above. Sunny perspective...