August 20TH, 2022 - thank you, super-crowd!

Thank you to our crowd of already more than 100 supportes for our current crowdfunding campaign. Today we are giving away the great set of our 4 different supertecture books (brick, earth, rock, earthquake windows) among all today's donors.

july 15tH, 2022 - lovely handle

finally working on some last details of our cozy hotel...


hey folks!
Join supertecture's Sahasra Poudel in her supertecture lecture with Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV) today at 3pm at TU Berlin...

JUNE 14th, 2022 - supertecture vs. yayrA

Hello Augsburg! Come join tonight's epic heavyweight clash of supertecture vs. yayra (@Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Augsburg)

JUNE 2nd, 2022 - cradle to cradle

cradle to cradle
finally supertecture made it to the first ever CRADLE magazine for sustainable architecture, design and living...

JUNE 1st, 2022 - supertecture in freiburg

good news to all supertecture friends in Freiburg.
On the 24th of June we will present our work at the the city's fmous architecture forum...


MAY 3rd, 2022 - bayerisches staatsministerium für wohnen, bau und verkehr

building ministry + supertecture = love
Till the 19th of may you are all very much invited to enjoy our sweet little supertecture exhibition at the building ministry in munich: Franz-Joseph-Strauß- Ring 4.

APRIL 26th, 2022 - architects not architecture

Come and listen to Ruth, Cino and Till talking about all the much more important things in life than architecture...

APRIL 24th, 2022 - team urban planning

Thank you "team Städtebau" from the school of architecture in Münster for visiting us on site in Nepal. May the power of architecture be always with you...

APRIL 21st, 2022 - change your clothes

most welcome to our first "change-your-clothes" party @ supertecture headquarters: 30th of april /// 2 o'clock pm /// live music with LYCA and FRANKIE DISCO

APRIL 15th, 2022 - beautiful team

thanks to all you beautiful people on our little hotel construction site in Nepal for building and dancing along with supertecture...
(and thank you, our dearest Simone for all your wonderful portrait pictures)

APRIL 5th, 2022 - hardcore help foundation

thanks hardcore help foundation for remembering this very first and very small and very quick supertecture project...
Thats what they have written:

"Six years ago we had an idea. We wanted to empty our shipping container of hundreds of graciously donated mobility devices and turn it into the first sub-county rehabilitation department in Nakuru. With the generosity of many of you, and the help of architects, therapists, contractors, and volunteers, we did just that!
Now six years later, the Nathan Hall Williams Rehabilitation Department at Langa Langa Sub-County Hospital employs full time rehabilitative staff who treat hundreds of patients per month. This department essentially doubled the capacity to provide therapy within Nakuru and created access for thousands of people in need. Within the last year, the government has also begun replicating our model by establishing rehabilitation departments in two other sub-county hospitals. What a feat!
#rehabilitation #disability #community #physicaltherapy #occupationaltherapy #partnership #sdg #Kenya #africa"

APRIL 1st, 2022 - bollywood supersession

Thank you everybody (especially Jan, Paban and Yunisha Waiba) for our unforgetable first ever musical shooting in Dhoksan...

APRIL 1st, 2022 - team spirit

come visit our old and new supertecture team members in Dhoksan...

MARCH 30TH, 2022 - rainbow plastic tiles

please enjoy all the beautiful colors of leni's brand new recycled plastic tiles for our community lodge bathroom in Nepal...


Kathmandu University Dhulikhel
thank you Buddha Shrestha and all your lovely students for inviting supertecture to your wonderful campus in Dhulikhel...

MARCH 14TH, 2022 - gardener wanted!

For the beautification of our wonderful lodge in Nepal we are urgently searching the most motivated landscape architect and/or gardener (both: female and male) during the upcoming 6 months (summer semester).
Please apply from Nepal and Germany and all around the world:

february 26TH, 2022 - nepal's greatest hotel manager

Since we are going to complete our construction works in Dhoksan very soon, team supertecture and the best lodge in the world are searching for the most suitable lodge director.
For this unique job you should be somehow experienced, on fire for ecological architecture and social entrepreneurship, curious for new adventures, kind and brave and reliable, young at heart and absolutely ready to rumble?
Sounds like you?
Please apply here:

FEbruary 11th, 2022 - picture of the week

check out whats going on at Nepal's smallest lodge construction site this week...

FEbruary 2nd, 2022 - everybody is a winner

Thank you team Rajeela for this beautiful clip about our future classroom's award ceremony in Kathmandu.
We have splendidly awarded 39 great design teams from all 13 architecture schools in Nepal.
Now we are looking forward to meet the number one ambassdor team from each and every university during the ultimative design workshop in march...

FebruARY 1st, 2022 - musical

Dear young moviemakers from all around the world:
Why don't you join our first ever musical project in Nepal?
Please send us your wonderful applications to accompany supertecture and nepal's young architects all star team with your unique documentary about the future classroom construction project in Dhoksan.
- fantastic food
- amazing accommondation
- free flight
- no salary!

JANUARY 6TH, 2022 - JOIN SUPertecture 2022

Dear young architects and architecture students from all around the world,
Come and join team supertecture in Nepal, Tansania and Germany during the upcoming semester.
Free flight, food and lodging in all our projects!!!
Send your application to till the end of january.
(find some more application details here:
We are looking forward to meet you in our headquarter very soon.
PS: Hey you craftsman, engineers, designers, landscapers, musicians, dancers and moviemakers – you are also very much welcome to join our team

JANUARY 5TH, 2022 - SILVER thistle

Wow, what a glorious start into this promissing new year:
Yesterday team supertecture has been sooo proudly awarded with our region's "silver thistle" for outstanding social commitment.
Thanks to "Augsburger Allgemeine" and "Allgäuer Zeitung", each and everybody of our entire supertecture crew and all you lovely supporters.
We will keep on pushing the limits of 100% volunteering social architecture in Nepal, Tanzania and Kaufbeuren...


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