In some cases we have to pay transaction costs. The amount depends on the individual method of payment:

via PayPal: 1,5% + 0,35 €

100% of your donation can reach us, if you make a transfer on our bank account,


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You want to support all our ideas and projects?

Community Lodge


In Dhoksan we are about to build the first community lodge. The non-profit hotel will generate money for future  community projects.

Community Lodge


In Kipili the abbey of Mvimwa and supertecture are going to transform the existing retreat center into a social community hotel with support from the missionary benedictines. We will start the project in autumn 2019.

working tools


You can support us by donating your unused but still working tools or you donate the amount of the tool.

Soon, we will provide an individual wish list of every project with needed working tools, so you can decide for which to donate.



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