To let architecture become a true motor of sustainable and self-sufficient local improvement we are questioning and re-thinking the traditional character of our social building projects.

Many years of grass root architecture in unprivileged regions taught us clearly how successful projects should actually look like: long-termed, regenerative and determined by local participation.


Why constantly building beautiful buildings instead of social-economic motors that empower people to realize and run their own ideas?


Our answer to the quest of “sustainable social architecture” is a long-term commitment in selected villages with a community hotel-project that belongs to cooperatives of all respective inhabitants and that provides 100% of its profit to social community projects - in other words: a “social perpetuum mobile”.



Some outstanding arguments for the potential of our community hotel project:


· hotel with the highest density of architecture and realization of an architectural

 exposition - due to the design-ownership of many volunteering fellows


· slow and sustainable progress with potential of learning lessons that have been taken into



· free provision of the region’s best hotel location due to a strong self interest of the



· formation of a strong circle of friends for the community hotel consisting of plenty

 local shareholders, many contributing young architects, convinced and frequent travellers

 and exited media (due to the project’s innovative unselfish soul).



Lets connect the local "simple man" to sources of income that have been reserved for rich investors so far.


Imagine a chain of hotels as peacefully warriors against the inequality of income between different members of society.

We want to “robin-hood” our architecture for shifting wealth from the rich to the poor!


Traditional development aid is so old-fashioned - it needs some aid as well as inspiration and for sure a certain revolution itself.


Are you tired of medieval approaches to "support and develop" unprivileged foreign places?

Would you like your next holidays to have a huge positive impact on local people?

Wouldn't it be great to visit the places of your support yourself?