In order to give young architect's the chance to participate most effectively and responsibly in meaningful architectural missions worldwide, we divide bigger and complex projects into little “bites”.


Doesn't matter which toilet, class room or dormitory: we consider every room of any project as an individual house to be designed and constructed and inaugurated by a single young architect (engineer/designer).


The related design-ownership of each and every young participating fellow leads to uncomparable commitment, reliability and quality.


In team supertecture we discuss, support and accompany both: the design proposals and the realisation of each "room-house" so that every house fits to the overall building design and in order to work according to our supertecture design principals.


As a result of splitting compounds into its smallest components we get huge architectural expositions with a wide range of different local materials and technologies that respectfully showcase the unlimited architectural potential of each and every region we are working with.


In order to not mess up bigger projects made of the “the room-house” concept we ask every young participating architect to select a single major material or technology.


This “weapon of choice” promises architecture rich in contrast and it allows every fellow to concentrate on the gentle and appropriate handling with individual resources and techniques.


If you do not have any precise plans for your upcoming semester or the uncertain times after your studies and if you don't mind collecting experiences with many outstandingly cool materials - we would love to welcome you in one of our projects!


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