How many people should be included in one design team?

There is no limit. Make your team as big as you want.Can students of different colleges come together as one team?

Yes, you can build a team if you want to.


For what age group is the classroom for?

The classroom is for the classes 1 to 8 and for all teacher.


Are there any height limits?

There are no high limits.


Can the classroom be outdoor or does it have to be fully covered?

Yes, it can be outdoor. It does not need to be fully covered.


What kind of physical model is being suggested? Is it a material tryout model or paper model?

The model doesn't have to be in a particular way. It just has to be expressive in some way.

You just have to send a foto of the model for the submission. Of course, later on we want to see the model as a physical one.


Is the winning amount really Nrs 20? I feel like I missed something there.

No, the winning amount is 39 x 20,000 NRS (= 780,000 NRS in total)


Is the competition funded by any organization?

The competition is organized by SUPERTECTURE (we are all 100% volunteers).

The award money (780,000 NRS) is sponsored by the german company „MIP GmbH“.

The budget fort he later construction of the future classroom is sponsored by „PATRIZIA foundation“.